Spicy Rib Rub

Spicy Rib Rub

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Date January 21, 2016
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CrownBBQ really simple rub that is great on beef
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Mix all ingrediants in a ziplock bag and shake well. Coat your ribs until the rub starts falling off. The thicker you coat the rub the more of a shell it will make around your ribs. I have the best luck when I rub down my ribs the night before I smoke them and let them stay refrigerated until about an hour before I start cooking. I hope you enjoy.


1/4 cup paprika
1 Tblspoon black pepper
1 Tblspoon salt
1 Tblspoon garlic powder
1 Tblspoon onion powder
1 Tblspoon Ground Red Pepper (or to taste)

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