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NexGrill Charcoal Grill Review

3 years Ago, Sunday, December 20, 2015

Overall, the NexGrill is a very usable product for what it is sold as, which is a backyard grill. I can't see me loading this grill up for a competition, but let's do our review under the assumption you are the casual griller.

We decided that since we are calling this a backyard grill then we would do a grilling favorite, homemade burgers.


We found the grill to be easy to work with and the side and front trays came in handy for pans and utensils. A simple little built on tray seems to overlooked by many grill manufacturers but is really a must. The temperature was very easy to control thanks to an adjustable chimney and two lower vents. The adjustable charcoal tray also helps a lot. Just as a side note, the burgers came out awesome.


The Positives

  • The grates are very sturdy, making for easy removal and easy cleaning
  • Three different ways to adjust the temperature makes controlling the grill very simple.
  • Very simple to put together
  • Plenty of room for plates,pans, utensils etc..
  • Easy to read thermometer

The Negatives

  • Very thin metal housing will rust easily. A cover (not included) is a must
  • The adjustable charcoal pan is very flimsy making it difficult to remove and clean
  • The metal handle on the lid gets extremely hot, my wife needed gloves to open it. A wood handle would make things easier

Overall we gave the NexGrill 3.5 out of 5 stars

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