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CrownBBQ Cook Team in Action

3 years Ago, Sunday, December 20, 2015
CrownBBQ Cook Team in Action

The CrownBBQ cook team had the pleasure of cooking at the Fourth Annual Jenny Burton-Rushin Memorial BBQ Cookoff over the weekend of Oct. 10, 2015.

First off we want to say that this was a great event that we highly reccomend any team close to Paris Tx should think about entering.

After cooking all night in perfect weather we came through with very little troubles. Even though a timing issue that can only be blamed on your's truly caused us to turn in a brisket that only got to 185 degrees internal, the flavors we got out of our CrownBBQ Rubs still pushed us to a second place call out.


A second place call in chicken followed, and while we didn't get the call, we found out later that we actually pulled 3rd in ribs. The final category was pulled pork, and while we didn't get a call from the judges, the public was very happy to eat all we cooked. With several coming back for seconds and thirds. Bringing in three top five finishes and an amazing time feeding the public and hearing positive feedback topped off what was already a great weekend of friends, family and BBQ.

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