Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

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Date January 17, 2016
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CrownBBQ Award winning Pulled Pork recipe
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Prepare the shoulder the night before. Coat entire shoulder with yellow mustard, and then apply plenty of Rub. Pat down the rub to help it really stick. Refrigerate overnight. 
Remove from refrigerator minimum of an hour before you are ready to put it on the smoker to allow meat to come up to room temp.
Place on an already warm smoker (I run mine at about 250 degrees) . Mix up a spray bottle of your apple juice or cider (about 3/4 cider to 1/4 water) and spray on shoulder every 45 min to an hour. You can also replace this step with using a BBQ sauce mop, but I prefer adding the apple flavors.
After the first 4 hours, wrap in foil to keep the juices and your spray mixture absorbing into the meat.
Smoke for approx 1 hour per pound until you reach an internal temp of 203. Pull from smoker, and meat should easily shred or fall apart. Mix in your favorite BBQ sauce (optional) and serve either on a bun or with your favorite side dishes. Hope you enjoy!!


5 to 7 Pound Shoulder
French's Yellow Mustard
Your favorite Rub (of course I reccomend CrownBBQ Rub)
BBQ Sauce (Like Sweet Baby Rays)
Apple Juice or Apple Cider

  • PREP n/a
  • COOK n/a
  • READY IN 5 h 30 min
  • DIFFICULTY Intermediate
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